Welcome to the foremost bilateral business networking chamber of commerce in Kaduna. We facilitate trade, promote investments and provide a platform for business exposure and networking between Nigerian and American businesses.

NACC Kaduna Chapter, organizes a wide range of live seminars, workshops and conferences, we invite experts of international renown from various business related fields. High value business networking are facilitated in our programs

In a competitive market, what gives you an edge is the level and timeliness of the information you can access. We know this in NACC and we have put in place structures to keep you informed of new business opportunities and trends

At NACC Kaduna Chapter, we have created a business hub to help member companies and individuals. This investment platform takes advantage of the economy of scale. Members gain access to investment opportunities in various fields.

  • MD, Deific Tech

    Of the several benefits accruing to NACC membership, I have benefited the most from the exposure and business networking opportunities her events and programs afforded me. Now, we are going global!

  • Plethora Farms

    Plethora has been and is still a member of several business groups in Kaduna, yet we have not seen one with the commitment to members' business success like NACC. Its a must join for serious businesses.

Upcoming Events

2017 is packed with interesting and value adding Events and Programs. Contact us for details of the latest programs.


2017 SME Conference (Sep 2017)


US Expo 2017 (Oct 2017)


Chinese Franchise (Oct 2017)


Oil Grill 2017 (Oct 2017)


AGM 2017 (Oct 2017)


NACC is committed to bringing to you opportunities you cannot afford to miss. The 2017 SME Conference is here. Get involved quickly. Conference commences on the 13th of Sep 2017. For Details of this year’s SME Conference, please visit Registration is however on-going. Click here to Register