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The Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC)Kaduna, is a vibrant chapter of NACC that provides the much needed platform for business interactions between Nigeria and the United States of America.

We open doors to international business opportunities through participation in various international expos and trade missions. Also, through our annual SME Conference, we support Small and Medium scale Enterprises in Nigeria.


Since 1985, the Kaduna chapter has been witnessing a rapid development from initial membership strength of thirty seven members to the present three hundred and forty members, under the incumbent president, Mr. Matthew Obogbaimhe.

The membership includes companies such as

  • Northern Nigeria Development Company Plc,
  • NNIL Commercial Co. ltd,
  • Kaduna Petrochemical Company Ltd,
  • Leadway Assurance Company Plc.
  • HUK Fama Farms LTD,
  • ASD Motors Nig. LTD,
  • Dana Aviation’s Ltd,
  • ABG Nig Ltd,
  • Finance Company Limited,
  • Crew Construction Co. Ltd etc.


Meetings of the chamber are held regularly to discuss current business issues. Lectures, seminar/business luncheons and catalogue exhibitions are also held periodically for the benefit of all members and invited guests. The chapters relationship with the US Embassy is very cordial and our members regularly travel to attend monthly trade exhibition in the United States of America.